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If you have a vehicle that can safely carry your garbage, yard debris or recycling to a drop-off location, you may find it's the most cost-effective option. Drop off this item for recycling. Does not include foam peanuts, squishy or flexible foam, or foam insulation. Please note: any foam with printing or graphics. Although Styrofoam can be recycled, the process isn't as easy as leaving the material on the curb before garbage day. Your local government may have a special.

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More information: The best way to handle Styrofoam is to not receive it in the first place. Contact the manufacturer of the item you received packed in foam and. Mountains of Styrofoam can now be recycled and repurposed. University of Washington. Ongoing. UW Recycling does not accept Styrofoam. This map includes foam recycling centers and foam recycling curbside pickup. recycling locations go to www.ridewest.ruom and search for "Styrofoam" or go.

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managed by Recycle BC. This includes foam polystyrene packaging (styrofoam) to protect appliances, as well as foam take out and meat containers. If no, trash. End markets want to buy plastic bottles, tubs and jugs, not hard-to-recycle plastics that have no value. What's Recyclable Depends on. Styrofoam packaging nut. Winter creates special challenges for curbside trash and recycling collection. Please do your part and have your carts accessible.