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Both products can be used to finance purchases through www.ridewest.ru (Opens in a new Window) or the Fingerhut catalog. For questions about either Fingerhut. Fingerhut is an online shopping site that extends credit to subprime borrowers. The site boasts: “Even if you have been turned down for credit, give us a. That is, Fingerhut buy's all products from merchants and market them online at www.ridewest.ru Customers´online orders will be forwarded to the merchant.

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Bluestem Brands is the parent company of Fingerhut and Orchard Brands. use their accounts for e-commerce purchases at www.ridewest.ru for everything they. You can now get free weekly online credit reports through the end of thanks to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Ready to get your free credit reports? You can mainly use your Fingerhut Credit Card for purchases on www.ridewest.ru, the Fingerhut catalog, and shopping Fingerhut merchandise over the phone.